Tradesafe is the ideal solution to support informal business, for all those who fear losing their money in non-face-to-face transactions.

Whether in online sales, providing one-off services, international export, among many others, you can use tradesafe to ensure transaction of your sales.

How to secure you sales transactions?

1.º Step

Buyer and the Seller agree to all the conditions and register with Tradesafe. Seller registers the sale at

2.º Step

Buyer communicates with Tradesafe on the sale price after confirming business conditions.

3.º Step

Seller delivers the products or services to the buyer and the buyer validates the correct execution of the transaction.

4.º Step

The transaction is successfully concluded and Tradesafe delivers the agreed value to the Seller.

What can I securily trade?

online Sales

Overcoming the classic online deadlock of the seller sending the product before receiving or customer paying before having product.

Import Export

For international export business - Do you want to sell containers but are afraid of not receiving values? Count on us to ensure your transactions.

Car Importation

Buying vehicles online or importing is always an issue, with us the success of the transaction is ensured.

Part-time or task work

Ensure that you pay only once the task is completed, on the other hand ensuring the provider receives payment at the end of the task completion.

Our Pricing

We simplified the service commission process according to the following table. The Buyer pays the agreed amount and the Buyer receives the entire amount, less the Tradesafe service cost.

We simplify the commission process – There is a fixed cost per bank transaction of 2 € + vat, plus the percentage variable amount indexed to the total transaction. 

For example – An online sale of 200 euros, the customer will pay 2 euros for the cost of the bank transaction + 10 euros for the variable cost (5%) totaling a cost of 12euros (*). 

At the end of the transaction, the seller received 200 euros deducted from 12 euros tradesafe. (*) – VAT is added at the legal rate in force


Online Sales


Import/ Export



Frequently asked questions

In practice Tradesafe acts as a business mediator, instead of the business value being paid directly to the seller, it is paid to Tradesafe who retain the values ​​in their possession until the goods or service is delivered by the seller, ensuring both entities. In this way the buyer knows that he receives the product even if he pays in advance and the seller his sale price.

Tradesafe is a secure digital platform where securities transactions are processed by a payment institution regulated and authorized by Bank of Portugal.

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